Norway gave Britain a New Year tree. Now the whole internet is laughing at her


London has a long tradition: every year since 1947, the capital of Great Britain receives a New Year tree as a gift from the Norwegian capital, Oslo. This is done in memory of the alliance of the two countries  in the Second World War. And at the same time, the British strictly adhere to another tradition: to scold this gift.

This New Year, which has already become the 74th in the gift series, was no exception . A 20-meter-high Christmas tree was recently installed on Trafalgar Square in London, a kilometer from Buckingham Palace. Twitter user Dan Barker posted a photo and announced the arrival of the tree, which was quickly reacted by social media users. The Britans were not impressed by the sparse appearance of the tree, and they fried it great in the comments.

We’ve picked out a few funny reactions from Twitter with free translation :

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And despite the jokes, the British still treat this tradition warmly. The New Year tree even has its own Twitter account, which also participates in discussions of “its” appearance:

“My branches are not missing, they are just keeping a social distance,” wrote the SMMs of the Norwegian Christmas tree . The tree’s criticism drew a diplomatic response from Oslo. The mayor of the city, Marianne Borgen, in an interview with Reuters, emphasized the symbolism of the gift and the fact that this is a real tree that grew in the forest.

The positive-minded British noted that the tree is not just a gift, but a reminder of how people supported each other in bad times, which is more relevant than ever in the era of covid. They are pleased that Norway is still continuing the tradition, and it is a pity that the tree could have suffered a little along the way. And they don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

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