Quick Crawl and indexation Trick For Blogger Blogspot SEO 2022



Quick Crawl and indexation Trick For Blogger Blogspot SEO 2022

Hello welcome to realgeeks, My name is P. Titus and today am going to be teaching how to get your blogspot post crawled and indexed instantly without any stress.

Many people gave up on blogspot because of its limited resources unlike WordPress where there are Millions of free plugins for almost anything you want to do. There are many SEO plugins that can boost search appearances of wordpress websites but we are not here to raise one platform or CMS above another one since google itself doesn’t care about your Platform in ranking factors.
Enough of introduction let’s dig deep I have three steps for you to take. You might have heard about them, Just continue reading.


this one is a common SEO practice. We really need it in this these trick am about to share or else your pages will be showing discovered but currently not indexed on search console. Build at least 15 do follow backlink with High DA websites.

Download now (quick server)
Note: do not make the whole backlinks at once or else your SEO won’t look natural and you could be penalized.


This is also not new to you. Sitemap contains all your website links and its for search engine bots consumption. But the sitemap you’re going to submit is not normal sitemap that looks like https://example.com/sitemap.xml. The kind of sitemap am going to share on this trick is different and it only works for blogspot. You’re getting it wrong if you’re using inspection tool on search console to tell google about your new pages.
Goto your search console and submit this sitemap. https://www.wikilyrics.com.ng/feeds/posts/default (change www.wikilyrics.com.ng to your URL) this type of sitemap contains syndication technology. that is, As you’re publishing posts on your blogspot it will be submitting immediately to google console yaw! That’s it.

Ping your Sitemap:

Now if your website now proves stubborn after following above steps, give it finishing just by pinging your sitemap. Pinging sitemap is an act of telling google to come and crawl your website maybe you’ve just gotten 100 new posts and its impossible to submit it one by one via google inspection tool which only allows 10 link submissions daily.
How to ping your sitemap load this on your browser https://www.google.com/ping?sitemap=https://www.wikilyrics.com.ng/sitemap.xml and change https://www.wikilyrics.com.ng/sitemap.xml to your website sitemap URL and load the link yaw! You’re done

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