Beatbox Vs Singing Whats the difference

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Beatbox vs Singing which one is the best and whats the differences and similarities, here on this blog we gonna discuss very shortly


1. Beatbox does not damage vocal chord singing does


2. You can beatbox when ur vocal chord is damaged but you can not sing


3. Beatbox annoys neighbor during practice, singing does not


4. We have 3 section of mouth in beatbox, mouth is mouth for singers


5. You can beatbox without tongue, you can’t sing without song

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6. A newbee in beatbox will at least capture attention, a wack singer will kick audience out


7. All beatboxer can Sing, not all singers can beatbox


8. Beatboxer needs only microphone for a performance but singers needs instruments accompaniment.


9. Beatboxers loves one another and are ready to teach others free, A singer will keep his vocal secrets to himself

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10. When you beatbox you’re doing vocal exercise, but when you’re singing you’re singing

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