The newest Google Camera has arrived for Samsung Galaxy phones. Downloading!

The newest Google Camera has arrived for Samsung Galaxy phones

A new version of the Google Camera application has been released for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Now the owners of devices with Exynos chips can also pump the camera, although earlier this possibility was only on Snapdagon processors. After all, GCam is originally developed for the Google Pixel, which runs on the Qualcomm platform.

Porting the application was handled by a development team from the GCam Hub website. They took as a basis one of the latest versions of GCam 8.1.101, where all the camera chips of the flagship Pixel 5 are present.

What Google Camera gives:

  • Support for proprietary Google HDR + technology.
  • Improved Night Sight night shooting (including on the front module).
  • Astrophotography mode for capturing the starry sky.
  • Effective digital stabilization and tracking autofocus in video mode.
  • AI algorithms for color correction of photos (images do not have to be processed in the editor).
  • Built-in Google Lense (we talked about this most useful application here ).

Download now (quick server)

In addition to the above features, GCam dramatically improves the quality of your photos in all conditions. This difference, especially on budget devices, is perfectly visible to the naked eye.

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Keep the link to Google Camera on the developer site . This version should be supported by any Android smartphones. But if there are problems with the stability of work, try to go into the settings, select the “Mod Setting” item and in the “Smartphone” column, instead of AUTO, indicate the manufacturer of your device.

We tested the program on the flagship Galaxy S10 with an Exynos 9820 processor – everything works as expected.

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