How To Beatbox – Spit Snare (BMG Snare) Download TylaDubya Tutorial Video

The How To Make BMG Snare

The BMG snare is my personal favorite snare and is the savviest snare out of all the snares. I don’t know if this is the general view among all beatboxers, but this snare sounds the best especially if you do it on a microphone. This snare is not as versatile as the inward k or the rimshot but is still better than the PF since it takes much lesser time to execute. Also, this snare sounds the most realistic (some may argue about this but well, I’m clearly biased). So let’s get straight to how this sound is done.

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  • This is a slightly ‘twisted’ sound to explain and you will find that different beatboxers may give different explanations for this sound. There are two ways to go about this sound. First keep your mouth in your regular closed position. Now, I prefer to place my lower lip slightly on top of the upper lip and bring the upper lip a little to the inside of the mouth.
  • Another approach is to simply purse your lips together such that both you lips are pulled inside evenly. No lip is on top of the other. You should try both approaches and see which one suits you. 
  • Now, instinctively while doing the BMG Snare I put the tip of my tongue a bit behind the part where my upper teeth are attached and close off the throat by touching the back part of my tongue to the top. The tip of the tongue is not very important but its essential that you close the throat by pushing up your back part of the tongue to the back roof of your mouth. Actually, the rest of the tongue helps in pushing the air that’s left in your closed mouth to the front.
  • Once you’ve got the position right you just need to do one thing: squeeze, rather compress. That’s it. That’s literally what the BMG Snare is. Let me explain further. When you get your positioning correct, try to fill up some air in your mouth so that it looks a little swelled from the outside (don’t put a lot).
  • Depending on which lip position you chose, you have to execute this: if you placed you lower lip on top of the upper lip, using only the muscles of you mouth push that small amount of air through the lips while simultaneously squeezing/forcing the lower lip on on the upper lip in the backward direction with a lot of pressure (for a beginner use as much force as you can manage). However, if you pursed your lips evenly then you need to do the same as the above but this time use all your force to compress both lips towards each other instead of just one lip on the other. This should give you a crisp and short-lived sound which you need to work on to get a perfect BMG Snare.
  • I urge you to refer to the video as well since a live demonstration is much better to explain this sound.  

Download Spit Snare (BMG Snare) Tutorial video

Download Video Tutorial (20.2 MB)

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