All Beatbox Sounds List

All Beatbox Sounds List

All Beatbox Sounds List

Basic Beatbox Sounds

Beatboxing is an art that tries to mimic drum machines. However, as an art form, it has also evolved its repertoire of sounds to include other instruments. Hence, many beatboxers nowadays can also produce other sounds aside from the drum machines’ basic sounds. Here are the basic beatbox sounds you can learn to advance your beatboxing skills:

Types of Beatbox Snare

  • K-snare
  • Spit-Snare (BMG Snare)
  • Poh Snare
  • P-Snare
  • Pf-Snare
  • Psh-Snare
  • Ps-Snare
  • Tf-Snare
  • Rimshot
  • Blade-Snare
  • Peh Snare

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Types Of Beatbox Rolls

  • Liproll
  • Click Roll
  • Laser Liproll
  • Inward Liproll

Type of Beatbox Bass

  • Tongue Bass
  • Lip Bass
  • Throat bass
  • Tooth Bass
  • Air Bass
  • Chest bass

Types of Beatbox Whistles

  • Vortex Whistle
  • Azel Whistle
  • Bataco Whistle
  • Cricket Sound
  • Bird Squeak
  • Inward Whistle
  • Laser
  • Codfish Laser

Types of Beatbox scratches

  • Vocal Scatch
  • Crab Scratch

More Beatbox Sounds

  • Hit-Hat
  • Crash
  • Tongue Click
  • Hollow Clop
  • Inward Drag
  • human Saxophone
  • Human trumpet
  • Siren

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