Download Movie She Dies Tomorrow 2020 mp4 3gp

Download Movie She Dies Tomorrow 2020 mp4 3gp

Download Movie She Dies Tomorrow 2020 mp4 3gp

She Dies Tomorrow 2020

Description: Amy thinks she’s dying tomorrow…and it’s contagious.

I hate exposition,” writer/director/actress Amy Seimetz said in a 2013 interview with Filmmaker Magazine. This hatred is on display in her first full feature, “Sun Don’t Shine,” where a nightmarish scenario is presented with an almost blasé deadpan tone.

“Sun Don’t Shine” thrusts us into the world of the two main characters, and we have to piece it together as we go. Seimetz’s latest feature, “She Dies Tomorrow,” also rejects exposition. Fragments are pieced together, interrupted by seemingly random insert shots of the sun setting, a molten ball of light, or microscopic cells swimming in a primordial sea.

“She Dies Tomorrow” strikes a particularly haunting chord. By withholding exposition, Seimetz allows the premise to resonate in disturbing ways. Featuring a murderer’s row of talent—Kate Lyn Sheil, Kentucker Audley, Jane Adams, Chris Messina, Tunde Adebimpe, Jennifer Kim—”She Dies Tomorrow” has the feel of a horror film, and is sometimes scary, but it’s really an existential meditation on mortality.

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The film starts with an extreme closeup of Kate Lyn Sheil’s ice-blue eyes, surrounded by smudged mascara, eyelashes wet with her tears, eyelashes stuck together, her eyes staring unblinkingly into … something hypnotic and frightening.

The outside world does not exist. This opening image orients the viewer into the film’s modus operandi. Buckle your seatbelts. Sheil plays Amy, perhaps a clue to the film’s personal origins. Amy wanders through her house like a somnambulist, drinking profusely, pressing her body into the floorboards, the Mondo Boys’ cover of Mozart’s “Lacrimosa” on repeat on the turntable. Whatever is going on with her, she is deep into it at the film’s opening.

Colored lights magically emanate from one of the empty rooms, and Sheil glides towards them, her face suffused with light as she stares directly into the camera, at what we do not know.

Genre: Drama, Thriller

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