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Download Deathstroke Knights And Dragons The Movie 2020 Mp4 3gp HD

Deathstroke Knights And Dragons The Movie mp4

Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons animated movie announced with ...

Deathstroke Knights And Dragons The Movie 2020

Description: Ten years ago, Slade Wilson-aka the super-assassin called Deathstroke-made a tragic mistake and his wife and son paid a terrible price. Now, a decade later, Wilson’s family is threatened ..


VOD release Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons: The Movie officially has too many colons in its title, but there may be a reason for that. The animated film featuring the popular DC antihero was originally conceived as a series of shorts to stream at CW Seed, but they’ve been repurposed into a full-blown feature; only one episode debuted at CW Seed, and it’s still available, constituting roughly the first third of the movie.

The kill-’em-all-let-no-god-sort-’em-out character made a brief live-action appearance during the end-credits sequence of Justice League, and he was not only supposed to be a major player in the sequel, but he also was slated to be the villain in the Ben Affleck version of The Batman and the subject of his own film with director Gareth Evans (The Raid) attached.

With all three of those projects dead by the sword (for now at least), the thirst of Deathstroke fans will hopefully be slaked by this cartoon.


Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure

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