Sarah K – Rora (Look) Lyrics

Rora (Look) Lyrics by Sarah K

(Sung in Gĩkũyũ)

Rora, rora na iguru ĩĩ (Look, look up/skywards)

Rora, rora ũhone ĩĩ (Look, look and you shall be saved)

Rora, rora na iguru ĩĩ (Look, look up to the heavens)

Rora, Jesu akũhonie (Look to Jesus and be healed) (Repeat)

Nĩ harĩ muoyo harĩ urĩa wambirwo

(There is life in abundance in Him who was crucified)

Nĩ harĩ gutura kurĩurĩa ukurora

(And there will be life by looking unto Him)

Tiga kurora mwena (Do not focus on other things)

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Rora, Rora na iguru (But look, look up) (Repeat)


Guoya ona kwĩmena (Fear and self-hatred)

Gũtetia Ngai, itingigũteithia (Complaining to God will not be helpful)

Arahũka naũgie na hinya (So arise in strength)

Rora, rora ũhone (Look, look up and be healed) (Repeat)


Nĩkio ndugathanganie (So do not waver in faith)

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Jesu aroiga ndugathanganie (Jesus says do not waver)

Ũkĩmurora ndugathanganie (As you look unto Him, do not waver)

Oma, oma nĩukuhona (And you, you shall be healed) (Repeat)


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