Christina Shusho – Litapita (It Shall Pass) Lyrics

Litapita (It Shall Pass) Lyrics by Christina Shusho

(Sung in Swahili)

Nimeona hofu imetanda dunia (I have seen fear permeate the world)

Hofu imetanda dunia (Fear has filled the world)

Huku na huku mambo yamebadilika (Here and there, things have changed)

Mambo ni tofauti (Matters are different)

Tamaduni zetu si kama mwanzo (Our traditions are not like before)

Si vile tulivyozoea (It is not the way we are used to)

Aliye nacho analia, asiye nacho pia analia (Both the haves and have nots are crying)

Tajiri, masikini tumekuwa sawa (The rich and the poor, we’ve become equals)

Si vile tulivyozoea (It’s not what we are used to)


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Hili nalo litapita ee, litapita ee (This too shall pass, it shall pass)

Hili litapita ee, kutapambazuka (This too shall pass, it shall be dawn)

Hili nalo litapita ee, litapita ee (This too shall pass, it shall pass)

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Hili litapita ee, asubuhi yaja (This too shall pass, the morning is coming) (Repeat)

No situation is permanent

Nyakati huja na kupita (Seasons come and go)

Watu huja na kuondoka (People come and leave)

Kila kitu chini ya jua kina mwisho (Everything under the sun has an end)

Shida na raha zina mwisho (Troubles and joy have an end)

Yesu pekee atabaki juu (Only Jesus shall remain high)

Neno lake, milele yote (His Word, forevermore)

Yeye tu, hana mwisho (It is only Him that does not have an end)


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