Man of Galilee Lyrics by Judikay

(Languages: Igbo, English)

Omemma (Doer of good things)

The one who makes all things beautiful

Ebube le, E kariri asi nibu (Glory, Your are bigger than what people say)

Odogwu akataka (Mighty Man of War)

I testify of Your good works

E kariri ihe asi nibu (Your are bigger than what people say)

Odogwu Odogwu (Mighty Man)


Yesterday, today, forever

You never change, unchangeable God oh

Unchangeable Lover

Look how you turned my life around

And wiped my tears, Unchangeable God oh

Unchangeable sacrifice, sacrifice


Jesus Jesus, Jesus: That man of Galilee

You’re always doing good

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You’re always doing good (Repeat)

I judge You faithful

Faithful in all of Your ways

Ikem Oh (My Strength)

Odighi onye di kagi (There is none like You)

Odogwu Odogwu (Mighty Man)

Aka ne men ma (The hand that does Good)

The lifter of my head, Odogwu Odogwu (Mighty Man)

You have done it all, nothing remaineth

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Resurrected Jesus, Odogwu Odogwu (Mighty Man)

You have done it all, nothing remaineth

Exalted Jesus, Odogwu Odogwu (Mighty Man)



Repea Refrain

Healer, Deliverer, Peacemaker

My Jesus, my Jesus, my Jesus

Father to the Fatherless, Mother of the motherless

Helper of the helpless, Husband to the widows

If I was the only one, You will give Yourself x2


Goodness personified x?

That Man of Galilee (Goodness personified)


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