Yung6ix – Energized Lyrics

Yung6ix – Energized Lyrics

Started from the street yea yea

Now we’re all legit yea yea

Diamonds on my wrist yea yea

Yea yea

I’m energized, eh

They called me 6ix yea yea

Got to comprehend yea yea

But I started from the street yea yea

Yeah ya yeah ya yeah yaa

Yeah ya baby

Took a lot of risk yea yea

Cali with the clique yea yea

Gelato with the _ yea yea

Yeah yeah

Don’t make me pull up on you, listen

I no dey gockam

Na me dey run am

Give me your girl and time I go spoil am

I be like marama_

And if na money you dey fancy me I gallant

I say she balance

I change her balance

From _ to Africa say she balance

Gallant well so_.

My loke girl say she pull up on me

When am feeling down she go run up for me

Couple of man dem wanna run up on me

All my Lagos girls keep a gun up on me

Champagne girls dem a turn up for me

London girls dem a whine for me

My_ girls dem a run up on me

Turn up on me

You only call me when he’s not there

And girl I told you that it’s not fair

And girl I told you I don’t want your love no more

Girl I told you why am not there (bakam)

Girl am in a different place

Am in Cali thaT’s a different space

Am in Cali that’s a different state

A steady man with a different city

My steady man gat different cities

Been around and not seen anY tities

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Done_ seen_ 3some with the divas

Blood with ma niggas

You know what it really is*