4 Signs that you are a slave at your job

Most of us understand how terrible the practice of literal slavery is. But there is another form of slavery that we do not seem to notice or care about.

We have the technological capacity to feed, shelter, and provide for the basic needs and needs of all humanity. However, our economic system prevents us from living in a world of abundance that we could easily create if we wanted to, for the simple reason that money is scarce, and therefore not all people can afford a decent life.

In this system, most people are forced to submit to an indentured slave owner, whether they like it or not, competing with each other for jobs that simply allow them to survive and feel financially insecure, which causes them enormous stress.

If you were wondering if you are a slave to your work, these 4 signs will reveal the truth to you.

1. You feel compelled to work

Work is a great activity if it is done out of love and contributes to the well-being of the world. However, most people work not because they like what they do, or because they want to share their gifts with the world. On the contrary, they hate their work, and they only do it because they have to.

They submit to their work in order to earn money, which they will never want to do if they are given the chance to live well without doing so.

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2. You have a boss

Since most people’s wages depend on their employers, they should see them as bosses and yield to their will.

A clear sign that most people are slaves to their work is that they can’t speak and Express themselves creatively when performing a task. They simply obey orders given to them in the work hierarchy.

3. Your work takes up most of your time

The standard working time in countries around the world is about 8 hours a day, which means that about half of most people’s entire waking life belongs to their employers, and they spend it on things they hate!

If by freedom we mean choosing to spend our time the way we like to spend it, then this means that everyone who has a “normal” job is a slave.

4. Your work takes all your energy

In addition to wasting time, work is also very energy-intensive. After working for about 8 hours under stress, most people return home feeling completely exhausted, without the energy to do something creative that brings them joy and improves their quality of life.

All their energy was wasted during their work, leaving them physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted.

“How the hell does a person like to Wake up at 8: 30 from an alarm clock, jump out of bed, get dressed, forcibly eat, defecate, urinate, brush their teeth and hair, and stand in traffic to get to a place where essentially you’re making a lot of money for someone else and you should still be grateful for the opportunity to do it?”– Charles Bukowski