How to use the butterfly effect to radically change your life

How to use the butterfly effect to radically change your life

You can’t change a person without destroying what they were in the past. The butterfly effect is a theory that says that when a butterfly flaps its wings, it can cause a cyclone in another part of the world. In our time, this has become a metaphor for the existence of seemingly insignificant moments that change history and your fate.

Let’s look at an example: imagine that you are in a work environment where you are picked on and misunderstood. You are forced to take action and file for dismissal. You explain to your colleagues why you are leaving. Your colleagues, in solidarity with you, also decide to resign.

Left without a job, your colleagues decide to start a joint business. They invest time and energy and eventually become competitors of the company they previously worked for. Under the onslaught of relentless competition, the old company declares bankruptcy!

This is an example of the butterfly effect theory — a small, unnoticeable event can lead to huge results. Injustice to a person led to the company’s liquidation in the future. This is a great plot for a novel!

Your actions may be more expensive than gold

Although the butterfly effect may seem a little far-fetched, it can be applied in our daily lives. This is how it happens: the insignificant turns into the great.

The insignificant begets the great. If you hit a single point for a long time and persistently, sooner or later you will break a hole.

Never underestimate the value of your actions. One small gesture from you can change a person’s life.

How to use the butterfly effect

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Use the butterfly effect by doing a little work every day, which will lead to significant results.

For example, learn to remember people’s names. The reason why we often forget people’s names just 10 seconds after they have introduced themselves to us is because we are distracted — we are not present and do not turn on our consciousness at this moment.

But to remember someone’s name is not only polite, but also causes respect and genuine interest. Try to make a small effort, make a decision to become a little better, work hard at it, and you will see how dramatically your social status and career will change.

You will soon notice that in response to your efforts to remember people’s names, they will do the same for you.

Confidence is infectious and sexy

Confidence is the main thing. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will believe in you. People aren’t born confident — they’ve had to work at it. Step by step — and it penetrates into your consciousness. This is the first rule.

The second rule is to talk to yourself, train yourself, drive away useless thoughts, and think positively. This may sound crazy, but talking to yourself affects your neurobiological responses. When you think about your opportunities rather than your problems, your thinking immediately changes.

As you begin to transform your thinking, your inner critic can speak up. He is already used to your existence and would not want any changes. Ignore it! The more time and energy you give to it, the more power it will have over you.

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Challenge your inner critic with comments like: “So what! Who cares? “” and “Why not? Who are you to tell me what to do now?”

Remind yourself that you are using the butterfly effect by making small changes. And remember that you are a UNIQUE PERSON!

Illustrative example

For some people, it may be difficult to immediately accept such an unfamiliar concept that minor changes affect various circumstances. These circumstances are related to each other and can eventually lead to major changes.

Imagine a drop of water falling from the tap into the sink. If the drain is closed with a plug, eventually the sink will fill up and waves will go over the surface of the water. It’s all because of one drop.

People are like little drops of water — after all, we are mostly made up of water. The fact that our actions produce waves that in turn affect events is more significant than it might seem at first glance.

Every situation has a cause and effect. You can learn how to use the butterfly effect to your advantage. You can’t avoid it, no matter how hard you try.

Your mission is to make big changes in the Universe. In this case, the more people you can gather around you to spread your influence over them, the faster and easier it will be to make these changes in the existing Universe.

Keep in mind that you can’t give up your essence. Regardless of your desire, the choice will be made and you will have a profound impact on the Universe.

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The butterfly effect is proof that an individual life can have a profound impact on the world.