3 Signs that you need to change Jobs as soon as possible

3 Signs that you need to change Jobs as soon as possible

So you work hard in the office. But you don’t feel satisfied. If you feel like you’re pulling every time you get out of bed to get on the subway and go to work, you’re not alone.

It’s important to love what we do and find meaning in it.

So how can you determine that you are in the wrong industry and what can you do to fix it?

1. Problem: you don’t find pleasure in what you do

Maybe your parents or grandparents tell you, ” Hey, work isn’t supposed to be fun,” but they’re wrong. While the point of working is to support yourself (meaning meals with friends, trips abroad, and that yoga class that makes you feel as detached as the Buddha), the work can actually be such that you can feel great. Many people enjoy their work, even if there are no such people around you.

Solution: admit that you are in the wrong industry

Understand that these mythical creatures who enjoy their work are actually ordinary people just like you. The first step is to admit that you are in the wrong industry. Don’t panic; it’s easy to fix. What you need to do is look carefully at your resume. In 99% of cases, you just emphasize the wrong skills. Focus on the skills you like so that you don’t make the same mistake again.

2. The problem: You don’t want to be promoted

If you don’t care about getting promoted at work, you have a problem. Don’t you want to be the best at what you love? Isn’t that why you spend hours perfecting your handstand in a yoga class, or sit patiently in front of a mirror until you have your hair done well?

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Solution: Determine what you like to spend your time on

The easiest way to tell what you really like is to look at how much time you spend on various things. What can you do for hours without noticing how time passes? What do you want to be the best at? Make a list of these things and see how you can make money from them by working for someone or working as a freelancer. Of course, changes may seem daunting at the beginning, but on average, many people change jobs every three or four years, so you’re not alone.

3. Problem: the work you do doesn’t match your personality at all

Very often, especially when we graduate, we take any job that looks half decent. At first it may seem that everything is fine, but over time we realize that we are completely detached from what we are doing. If your real passion is photography, but you sit at your Desk all day answering customer complaints, you will never feel satisfied. In fact, you may feel that people at work do not know you at all, because your personality has no chance to prove itself.

Solution: when do you feel most fulfilled?

This is when you make sales? Is it when you cook or perform in front of a crowd? Look for actions that make you feel strong and focus on doing as many of them as possible.

Work is an important part of our lives, and communicating our core beliefs is a proven way to feel happier. Get a clear idea of what makes you feel satisfied, energizes, and stimulates your competitive spirit.

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Don’t be afraid to change jobs. Life is too short to do what you don’t like.