Game of life: do your thoughts belongs to you or to someone else

We live in a world where everything is distorted – lies disguised as truth, and it is difficult to find the right path. It seems that there is no limit to the madness that is happening around us – ethics, morality, common sense and compassion have been thrown under the tire of profit. In this 21st century, hatred and division are widespread at all levels of society. Millions of people have turned off their humanity and disconnected it from the heart – we are a bifurcated and manic species.

Fear-based propaganda

Many people no longer watch TV or the main news. They know that the media completely controls our thinking and have become a propaganda marketing project for the psychopaths who control the world. The kaleidoscope of fake news and misinformation projected into our minds is designed to affect us emotionally: make us fear fictional monsters, Corona pandemic just around the corner, or an invasion from other countries.

This fear-based propaganda keeps us in a state of insecurity, and we end up dividing each other across race, religion, class. Any person or group / nation that runs another program is a threat to an unbalanced mind.

Is it any wonder that in our current state we are confused and unable to keep up with understanding or changing the rapidly changing and contradictory nature of the political climate in which we live?

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Fact or fiction

It is possible that we, as a species, were caught up in a gigantic deception and lied on a monumental scale about everything in our reality – past and present.

All we know about our collective past is what our parents, peers, and teachers taught us. We don’t know if it’s true or not. And we don’t have the means to find out, because we don’t have meaningful cultural information to turn to.

Our tribes no longer exist, and our oral conventions, knowledge, traditions, and sound languages have been clogged with new religions, slavery, and fabricated history.

We as a species are separated from ourselves and our planet. Nature is no longer our home, and we are gradually being programmed and sleepwalking.

Programmed truth

“There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

– William Shakespeare

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We all have our own truths, our inherited prejudices, racial and class stereotypes, and all the other polarized nonsense and paranoia that is passed on to us by our parents and peers.

Our perception of reality is based on information we receive from our ancestors, and therefore we tend to believe that what we have been told as “true” is true. Most of us don’t even question it, even if our conscience tells us it’s wrong.

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Think of all the different traditions that exist in the world, each with its own truths and unique forms of programming, religions and inherited dogma, a world in which each side is forced to believe that they are right and everyone else is wrong. As soon as we become familiar with other people’s belief systems and accept them as our own, we stop thinking for ourselves and become cloned fanatics, meaningless followers of a person, “truth” or ideal.

And when other “cloned followers of a different belief” challenge this “inherited belief system,” arguments and fights ensue. And this polarization eventually leads to genocide and war.

Life is a game

Shakespeare wrote that the whole world is a stage, and all people are just players. Pawns on a chessboard are puppets played by puppeteers and ready to fight each other, just like the good guys and bad guys in the movies. The purpose of the “human” game is to keep us at enmity with each other and to make us spend our time and energy of our lives playing a game of opposites that we think we can beat.

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But the irony is that both sides are controlled by the same force, regardless of the cause or conflict we are involved in. The diseases of this world cannot be solved by any means. There will always be truth and lies, tyrants and victims, cruelty and care, hunger and abundance, love / hate, war / peace, happiness / sadness – good and bad.

Once we understand that the game is a system designed to keep us in control, it’s time to stop – and regain our mental sovereignty and freedom.

Strive to be authentic people, not a copy of the system. To be free in the mind, we must turn inward-examine our thoughts, beliefs, and views of the world, and then ask ourselves the question: are our thoughts and views really our own, based on personal experience or on someone else’s?

We are called to question our beliefs and discard attachments and relationships that no longer serve us. We don’t have time for the baggage and outdated thought forms of others.

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secre only the heart can see correctly; what is important is invisible to the eyes.”

— Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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