How imagination can change your life

How imagination can change your life

“It is not the will, which is the first faculty of man, but the imagination.”

– Emile Couet

Imagination, the engine of change

We were born with the ability to dream. As children, we were encouraged to develop our imagination. Our perception of the world was then limitless. But very quickly, grades, competition, education, social life, orientation choices, exams, job search, and the need to win made us neglect this part of ourselves in order to lead a visible, intelligent, and formatted life.

In our modern society, and in particular in the field of work, we are increasingly forced to meet the requirements of productivity and profitability. The media is responsible for informing us, entertaining us, and making us consume. So there is little room for imagination, and the inner child, in most of us, is silenced.

With the exception of artists who continue to develop and Express their creativity in adulthood, childhood is the only period of life when imagination is a quality that we strive to value.

In a business world where economic considerations and the search for results still take priority over well-being, your ability to dream very rarely makes you the best element in the eyes of your hierarchy!

This is one of the reasons why today a large number of people experience discomfort in their personal or professional life. For many, it’s a feeling of oppression or frustration: “What have I done with my dreams?”

These people, in fact, just stopped dreaming. What was part of their personality as children is now censored.

Every choice we make corresponds to the satisfaction of a need at a given time. We make decisions based on what we think is best for us at the time of making them. But life is a movement, a constant evolution. What happened yesterday may no longer apply today or tomorrow.

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A person experiencing discomfort in their personal or professional life is often forbidden to imagine what might be different. Because if he allowed himself to do so, he would risk leaving his “comfort” zone, or rather, his “known” zone! This person will have a reflex to think about the worst consequences, overestimate the risks associated with it, taking into account only the potentially negative consequences for him and for his desire for change. Fear and guilt will quickly act as powerful brakes, destroying any possibility of evolution.

But by allowing the situation to stagnate, this person risks much more: the risk that their discomfort will subside and increase, with potential consequences becoming more serious over time.

“Logic will take you from point A to point B. Your imagination will take you everywhere.”

 – Albert Einstein

You have a choice to think about things differently

A thought, whether positive or negative, tends to come true. People who succeed and achieve their goals are those who allow themselves to imagine “what will happen” in a positive way, which therefore makes it possible. Therefore, what is called “self-fulfilling prophecy” is fully applicable to personal development, and it is the imagination that drives it.

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Indeed, a self-fulfilling prophecy causes a change in behavior, so that the new behavior leads to what was declared a prophecy. What was only one possibility among many becomes a reality by focusing the mind on that possibility.

Let’s take an example: you no longer like your current job. Do you have trouble finding the motivation of the past years: do you feel that you have bypassed this question? Or do you think that your skills are not recognized for their true value? If you suffer from this situation but do nothing to change it, you risk seeing things slip away from you and fall into a spiral of failure.

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But realizing that you are not going to give up everything overnight, you are completely free to imagine a different scenario, a positive one. For example, imagine yourself in a new position, in a different company, or that you are living off your passion, which has been muted for too long.

Imagine your ideal future: success, new meetings, better income, moving. Anything is possible!

These liberating thoughts will be a real breath of fresh air and ensure your immediate well-being.

You will quickly feel positive energy invading you, encouraging new ideas. You will automatically pay more attention to the opportunities provided to you, you will start thinking about training opportunities in your company, you will be tempted to devote a little more time to your passion.

In this way, you will do everything in your power, without even realizing it, to realize what you have dreamed of! This positive state of mind, fueled by your imagination, will force you to make new decisions and make bolder choices.

It will not take any effort to change, because you will feel that step by step you are naturally moving on to the next Chapter of your life.

By changing the lens through which you see the future, you will gain confidence in it and, more importantly, in yourself.

“As for the future, it’s not about foreseeing, it’s about making it possible.”

— Antoine de Saint-Exupery

But how exactly do I do this?

The best way to project yourself into the future is to take care of the present moment !

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Find time for yourself, play sports, swim, walk, draw, listen to music… Anything that makes you feel good and relaxes you makes your mind more accessible for positive visualization of the future.

Train yourself to think positively every day. This is very important. Of course, this takes time and rigor: have you noticed how much more likely we are to see negativity, complain, and humiliate ourselves? Concentrate on your way of expressing yourself and finally banish “I’m tired of this rotten time”, “what the hell am I stupid!”, “I will never achieve this…”.

Train yourself to find something positive in any situation, even when it is difficult! And be kind to yourself as well as to others.

Another effective idea that allows you to dream about the future is to be inspired by” models ” whose success you admire. Think about those who are starting from scratch, have done great things, and draw them courage, if others can succeed, so can you.

In conclusion: indulge yourself as often as possible with a moment of rest, take the opportunity to reconnect with your inner child and let it Express itself! There is no doubt that he has a lot to tell, and he has certainly kept all his ambitions intact.

So, regardless of your situation, the reasons for your dissatisfaction, doubts and regrets, remember that every day is a new opportunity to change what needs to be changed!

The key is in you, in your imagination.

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