How to stay calm in the midst of Chaos

In the midst of fear and panic, it’s hard to stay calm. Only a focused and relaxed approach can allow us to use our psychological powers. It’s time to Wake up and use them.

It is not easy to live in the midst of chaos. It’s not easy to keep your balance when an assault is coming. When the wind gets through your hair and whispers messages of fear that inspire uncertainty.

We are created to anticipate, to react emotionally in a hurry when there is a panic. However, the ideal in this scenario is to remain calm.

In the field of psychology and sociology, we have already concluded that the word of the year for 2020 will undoubtedly be "fear". Current events already show the entire kaleidoscope that contains this term.

It includes a wide range, from irrational behavior to the most integrative reactions. Those who accept fear, but decide to fight it, use active methods to solve the problem.

Psychiatrist Karl August Menninger stressed that fears can be nurtured, and this is where we take the strictest measures. This is easy to say. But, doing this is probably the most difficult and traumatic act for people.

When chaos knocks on the door, it takes away our calm. What is even more dangerous is that it infects others to the point that it turns fear into an unusual enemy.

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In these conditions, you should try to remain calm. After all, fear, anxiety, and irrational behavior are just another virus that we can learn to contain.

Can viruses control our behavior?

In the midst of chaos, we must adopt a mental approach based on calm

We came to a point where we had enough “bad news”. TV, radio, our social networks. The alarming statistics and negative messages outweigh the positive.

In addition, on average, negative news is always shared more often than encouraging news. We do this even without applying a filter. Sometimes without evaluating whether these facts are true.

It is true, of course, that we have a right to know that information is power, and that we must touch immediate reality. But there is a moment when circumstances and certain facts are interpreted as overwhelming and a sense of helplessness is suddenly awakened.

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Not knowing what might happen tomorrow scares us and limits us the most.

We are beings who are used to controlling our immediate reality (or at least think we can control it). Suddenly feeling that we are in the midst of chaos, that what we took for granted yesterday is now hurting and upsetting us, or doesn’t exist.

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What can we do in these conditions?

Calmness is an attitude, and it comes when you admit that you can’t control everything

In an environment of uncertainty, anxiety increases. Another factor is added to this: our environment, the information we receive, the people around us transmit their emotions, their fears… Nothing increases anxiety more than the fact of not knowing this, than uncertainty.

For example, it is much worse not to know if we will lose our job than to be sure that we will lose it. The brain works differently. Therefore, it is necessary that we learn to tolerate uncertainty.

We have to assume that even if we don’t have control over certain things, we have control over how we choose to respond to them. This is the key.

Acting calmly is the best attitude. It is a mental approach by which we can respond in the most intelligent and most adaptable way.

Clear your mind: eliminate disastrous thoughts

In the midst of chaos, disastrous thoughts don’t help us, they drag us to the bottom. In the midst of difficulties, scenarios of doubt or problems, the mind should be our ally, not an enemy that slows us down at every stage.

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Therefore, it is vital that we can “clear” from our daily attention a thought that hinders, feeds fear, and that instead of helping us find a solution, adds another problem.

Let’s be aware of these problems and eliminate negative internal dialogue. Calmness should be a beacon that can guide us in the dark.

In the midst of chaos, who do you want to be?

Answering the question of who we want to be in difficult times can help us in the midst of chaos. Do you want to be a hero or a victim? Someone who helps or makes things worse?

You decide what kind of footprint you leave in these days, when we are obliged to prove ourselves as best as possible.

In crisis situations the peace of mind is a companion that is able to trace more peaceful and more successful ways. When we are calm, we see things more clearly so that we know how to react, be active and responsible.

It is time that in the presence of change and uncertainty, we act together with calmness, intelligence, and balance.

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