2 Habits that reveal your true character to others

2 Habits that reveal your true character to others

We all play roles, and this is a good thing: it is impossible to be the same person in the family, at work, with friends. However, there are two habits that betray your true character.

For various reasons, we must hide from others the features of our true nature. Some believe that strange habits can compromise them in the eyes of their superiors, which will negatively affect their career. Others just don’t want to spread unnecessary information about themselves.

One way or another, we try to hide our true identity by playing a plausible and appropriate role in a particular group.

But what happens if our efforts can be wasted under certain circumstances? What if there are habits that show our true character to people around us, no matter how we hide it.

1. The habit of looking in the mirror

The habit of constantly looking at yourself in the mirror, which many may interpret as a tendency to narcissism, sometimes has nothing to do with self-esteem: often it means the opposite.

If you are constantly monitoring whether everything is OK with your appearance, we have bad news for you. This behavior can tell everyone about your nervousness, self-confidence, and your desire to please everyone.

2. The habit of listening to music

This is a habit of the vast majority of people. Today, few people dare to go out without adding a smartphone or reader as useful as headphones. Although this habit can be understood: the world does not always please us with pleasant sounds. And we want to increase the level of emotion, at least by listening to good songs.

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If you pay attention to the little things, the habit of listening to music can reveal your true character.

For example, if you prefer non-standard, overly depressive or aggressive compositions, you may like to experience sadness and aggression alternately or even simultaneously.

If you literally do not part with headphones for a minute, this may indicate your predisposition to introversion, unwillingness to hear people around you.

A lack of respect for others can also be directly or indirectly indicated by the volume you set when listening.

As you can see, your true character can be revealed even by the small habits of each person: the habit of looking in the mirror and the habit of listening to music. Try to keep track of them, then no one will be able to understand your true character.