25 Things to stop doing for your own good

25 Things to stop doing

There are many external reasons that affect the way our lives are shaped. But, there is one important detail — our life is not only in the hands of God. We ourselves put a lot of effort to be happy, or Vice versa, to ruin your life.

There are several things that you should stop doing, primarily for your own good, as well as for a useful relationship with others.

 1 Insist on your own opinion, as if it is an indisputable fact. It’s twice as bad if you don’t have proof.

 2 Expect better, instead of giving up on the things you hate (work, social environment, etc.)

 3 to be Nervous because of traffic jams, to lament that you forgot your umbrella in rainy weather. Shit happens, and it’s better this way.

 4 Think that you are more important than everyone else. Everyone has a role to play in this life, and it’s not up to you to decide which role is more important.

 5 Blame other people for your mistakes and problems.

 6 Impose your religious beliefs on other people.

 7 be Afraid to spend money. You worked hard to earn money — you have to do something with them.

 8 Wait for the magic amount of money to appear. Money is never enough — the sooner you realize this, the sooner you will start living.

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25 Things to stop doing for your own good

9 Believe something you’ve heard on TV or read on the Internet. Do your own research. Form your own judgment. Trust your instincts.

 10 Make plans for the future too far away. No one knows what will happen tomorrow.

 11 Trying to erase the past. It has happened-accept it.

 12 To give someone a lecture about a subject that you don’t know very well. Everyone likes to be “smart,” but not everyone is really that smart.

 13 Do not take care of your body. Will you have anything else?

 14 Treat other people like shit (see point 4)

 15 Assume that someone is happy just because they are always smiling.

 16 Perform the same thing many times and expect different results. If something doesn’t work, then try something new.

 17 Be perfect in everything and be afraid to make a mistake. A man who never made a mistake-never did anything.

25 Things to stop doing for your own good

18 to be Envious. It destroys life.

19 Feel obligated to do something. If you really don’t want to do something, then you have every right to say no.

 20 to take the easy way. All the most worthwhile things require a lot of effort.

 21 to be Envious. You don’t know other aspects of the life of the person you envy (see point 15).

 22 Regret mistakes. This has already happened and it can’t be changed. Let go and move on.

 23 Read inspiring articles and books and do nothing. You can’t lose weight if you don’t get your ass off the couch and take action.

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 You can’t work Too hard to make a good impression. You can’t please everyone. Just be decent and treat people with respect.

 25 Procrastinate. Constantly put off for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the next month, or a year. Just start small-today, now.