Life is much more than existence

Life is much more than existence

We must not forget that our limiting thoughts prevent us from enjoying life. We have to make mistakes to learn and get out of our comfort zone to find our happiness.

Life is much more than existence. We all know this, but sometimes we forget it.

Between the time of our birth and the time of our departure to another world, there is a wonderful stage called “life”, in which you need to experiment to the maximum, until the very last breath.

We all know that it is not easy to identify the positive in our existence. The various responsibilities, jobs, and, in some cases, complex personal relationships we have with others destroy the joy of life that we should all enjoy.

But if we are fully aware that the simple fact of being here and now in this world is an exceptional gift, we can begin to prioritize what is really important.

In this article, we invite you to reflect on this topic.

Don’t live the lives of others

We are all part of at least three social circles:

  • A family of origin that consists of parents and siblings, and other blood relatives.
  • An established family, with our love partners, our children, and our friends, whom we often refer to as full members of our family.
  • A professional family where our colleagues, bosses and our clients work.
  • These three daily social circles partly determine who we are, how we see ourselves, and how we perceive others.

If these three circles are harmonious and enriching, our existence will be quite pleasant.

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This will make us feel valued, loved, and useful both to society and to those we care about.

However, if conflicts, pressures, fears, and tensions arise in these social circles, we will become prisoners of a world of pain.

Stay away from people who don’t bring you anything

We will be slaves to negative emotions that will not allow us to exist the way we want.

If this is the case, then you need to prioritize, break ties, and set boundaries, because your inner peace and well-being are non-negotiable.

Learn to enjoy here and now

To discover the simple pleasure of existence and assess your belonging to the world and everything around you, you must follow these steps:

Calm the noise of your thoughts. Whether you believe it or not, all people are constantly occupied with thoughts that are remnants of fears and worries.

Look for moments for yourself and moments of loneliness. Give yourself a chance to be alone.

Value everything around you as a true value, because the beauty of life is hidden in the simplest things.

Happiness in small things: how to enjoy simple things

Be grateful for what you have and for what you have

You may have already wondered: “How can I be grateful for what I have if I’m not happy?”

We all need to understand that even if we don’t have everything we deeply desire, we can all make a difference.

Your strength is in your will, in your optimism, and in your ability to become passionate again.

Be grateful for the simple fact of existence, the feeling of the warmth of sunlight. For the opportunity to see the smiles of those you really love.

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Be grateful that you are a brave person who has overcome many difficulties and knows that there is still something to do.

Live in the moment and be grateful for what you perceive here and now. If you have only tears in your eyes and heartache, tell yourself that nothing in life is forever.

Tomorrow everything will change, and life will bring you better things in the future.

Don’t dream, don’t hope, don’t complain: step out of your comfort zone to live your life!

Dreams are not something bad, but rather the opposite. They bring us passion and hope that we want it to come true. However, if we spend all our days dreaming and hoping, life will slip from our fingers.

We need to get out of our comfort zone and start taking risks. Because to live is much more than to exist. In fact, life consists of several main aspects:

To live is to make mistakes and try again.

This is setting goals and achieving them.

This is always the second or even third chance.

To live is to know how to say no, and to risk saying Yes without knowing what might happen.

Apply these simple tips to your daily life. And remember that sometimes finding happiness and a little inner peace is much easier than we think.

It requires consistency, a healthy dose of daily illusions, and a Foundation of self-esteem. Never forget it!