Dance Gavin Dance – Say Hi Lyrics

Say Hi By Dance Gavin Dance

You’re just in denial and with the wrong one

Love don’t make you crippled or enslaved

You’re just in denial and with the wrong one

Job description ain’t the one who saves

I can still see my former reflection

Behind my new complexion

I just need to be alone

Why do people stare? Are they noticing you’re there?

Swap me for my clone, and don’t touch me when I’m stoned

I’ll be my old self again soon

I just need time to unwind

Smash my demons with cold fiction

Until they’re all catechized

I need reminded

Recognize it

Thinking doesn’t know

Another night, another night, another night alone

Minimize or dramatize, it stops, it starts, it goes

Download now (quick server)

Another night, another night, and no one even knows

Did you notice I’m normal?

Did you notice I’m normal?

Take a look, babe, I’m normal

Did you notice I’m normal?

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Uh uh hi

How do I say hi to another guy when I wanna die


Uh hi

Why don’t you say hi, we’re all alive, I guess that’s nice, don’t wanna die


It’s nice to be alive, don’t wanna die, you should say hi, I won’t lie


But first I’m saying hi to say I tried to stay alive

Who the hell’s recording this

I never gave my full consent

There’s sounds I make I can’t defend

Or show them to my mom

I grapple, I paddle, I clutch

More thinking, more sinking, more mud

How many holes have I dug?

More thinking, more sinking, more mud

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