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Pinegrove – Flora Lyrics

[Verse 1]

I insist it wasn’t always like this

I saw the sun shining red in the grass

With every fiber vibrating alive

[Verse 2]

I lie down and lower my eyes

Until the sun fell low in the yard

Feeling the territory coming down


Then I’m outside [?] hear the sound

And I know I’m lost wherever I walk now

[Verse 3]

[?] when outside nothin’ feels good

Take a blue meander into the woods

Nothings shinin’ like I feel like it should

[Verse 4]

And the birds singin’ dissonant tunes

Singing’ the sadness of the afternoon

And on the distance I’m hearin’ it through


And then I’m outside [?] hear the sound

And I know I’m lost wherever I walk [?]


And I’m in doubt now in the flora

I’m bendin’ down to the floor now

And I’m dreamin’, don’t worry

I’m just prayin’ now to the forest

To the flora

To the floor now

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