Lil Tracy – Shortbus Cypher Lyrics

[Intro: Yung Bruh]


Asaku Fox man, shout out Yung Sak

You know I’m reppin’ that Star Trek shit

You know what I mean, I got LSD on deck


[Verse 1: Yung Bruh]

I’m sippin’ my drank, twistin’ the dank

Rap game dark and I’m grippin’ the flame

Fuck the mainstream, all you niggas is slaves

Faggot ass raps, man, you niggas is gay

Allergic to the sun so I live in the shade

Vampire bitch and she givin’ me brain

Drop LSD and I’m trippin’ for days

I don’t give a fuck about bitches and fame

Fuck true religion, man, that shit is so lame

Thrift shop shawty and I’m sniffin’ cocaine

I don’t give a fuck, ho, remember my name

Asaku Fox, bitch, put this rip to his face

[Verse 2: Yung Sak]

Getting this dough ’cause you know I’m a pro

The green demon feenin’ is looking for dro

Empty his pockets and dig him a hole

Don’t think that I can die, I have no soul

Live life like a bum ’cause I got no role

Will take your money ’cause I’m in control

Talk about robbing, you really ain’t shit

Get me some drugs and I’ll feed ’em to kids

I’m that grumpy old troll who lives under a bridge

Keepin’ it fresh, got the shrooms in the fridge

A faded reality, fucked up mentality

This is the way that they want me to live

[Verse 3: Xedn]

I ain’t no kid, I don’t know why

Told me shit and I know I will never die

I am a samurai, two kunais in my fucking side

Two katanas by my bitch

Tell me shit, I don’t give a fuck

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To me you don’t exist, bitch

And I’ll eat you just for lunch

Bitch ass ho on a brunch

Bitch ass ho without time