Tee Grizzley – Robbery Lyrics

Robbery By Tee Grizzley

Helluva made this beat baby

Walking out the club, n—- looking at me funny
I’m already pissed cause I threw too much money
But I ain’t tripping, I know that n—- ain’t no dummy
This MAC gotta 50, I leave his face ugly
But that b—- at the crib, lowkey I’m sleeping
Before I knew it, this n—- ran up on me trippin
Twice in the air, (gimme everything)
I ain’t struggle at all, gave him everything
I ain’t panic, hopped in my whip and left
Time to do some homework, I gotta put that boy to rest
He look like a killer, I’m bout to put him to the test
Wanna kill me a n—- all you see in my face is death
On the gram scrolling trough to my timeline
On some hoes page, look what I find
The stripper b—- posted him as her MCM
Same lil b—- was just in my dm
It wasn’t hard to get to him
You know it’s up I’m spliting him
I see his whip I’m flipping that
The dealership won’t want it back
Let me write her back and get her contact
And caught ’em killers up, it’s time to do some contracts
Matter fact, Imma get him set up by to the stripper
Tell her I got 50, I know that hoe gon be with it
She f— so many n—–, I know she ain’t got no feelings
And I’m sticking to the code, when he drops she goin’ with him
Ain’t talking to no n—–, Imma keep my own business
You know how it goes, street n—– turn witness
Going trough my gram, she just hit me with them digits
She said “call later”, cause she laid up with her n—-
This might be my only chance to do ’em
Gotta set his mouth before he talk and spread the rumor
If the word hit the streets, that he robbed me
A n—- killed the police, don’t wanna find me
(Hello, ay look, I know you saying call later but look, send me ayo location, Imma put it on my GPS right now and just see how far you is, all you need is call me)
Hell yeah, I got the location
Now I’m out side of they crib, I’m just waiting
I’m texting her like how much longer I’m impatient
She don’t know, I’m bout to light the block up like is Vegas
Setting over the boy like b—- what you get for playing
I ain’t tryna talk, It’s a wrap start praying
He coming out, my first shot gon’ be a headshot
Imma put this draco in his dread-locks
I can’t wait to see his blood running out
Run up in his crib, find his b—- knock her frontier out
She text me back like be on yo way in 2 mins
She don’t know that in 2 mins she ain’t gon’ be livin’
He got in his whip, I ran up and I hit em
When the gun smoke clear, I saw it was the wrong n—- (What the f—)
Now I gotta kidnap her, this afirst n—-
I don’t know how kidnaps works
Imma kill ’em, but I gotta get my s— back first

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