Tech N9ne – Smell Good Lyrics

Smell Good By Tech N9ne

(So good)

Hey, you love the way that I groove it
My rhythm makin you move it
You lovin what I say
So hot I need a wet face towel Yates style
Kill em all up now I got too many case files
Lock them B’s somebody Rakim’d me
That mean Imma top MC
Tryna be the best the only way to buss
While so many made a fuss
At the same time
When they meet N9ne they don’t wanna speak rhyme
You wanna know the first thing they say to us
(They say)

You smellin so good
I’m so glad I walked by ya way (Damn you smell good)
(They say) You smellin so good
What do you call that
I gotta have some

I like that fresh fresh
I smell like less stress
If her nose get a whiff of the Tech neck or Tech’s chest
No talking bout special FX she want s– next
Cause I’m in this splendid she wanna be blended like Tex Mex
(Uh) So to hell wit the sales
Havin mail is to fail, when it comes off of my lapel
Leavin trails when I bail, now yo gals in a spell
When I walk by this what she yell bout my smell
(It takes me on a vacation)
Like a breeze overseas they indeed love my Creed
My good deed makes me cheese, beggin please on they knees
Wanna link up, they tellin me what they need
(Just give me an invitation)
A pretty penny is what you pay for Dust of an Angel
All you gotta do is spray enough
Instead of wanting you to play ya stuff
You wanna know what they say to us
(They Say)


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You smellin so good
I’m so glad I walked by ya way (Damn you smell good)
(They say) You smellin so good
What do you call that
I gotta have some

She said I smell delicious, like a fruit then pick it
Looks like you hit the lotto, Ima be your ticket
A scent that’s sent from heaven if I letchu sniff it
And I’ll show you how to ball without dribblin
Outta like all of my siblings
I done evolved what my feelings is
That I can take any woman you got
my belly is a pot, and I’m not really hot
But I smell like the ink of a stink of money phone
If I wink at her she’ll get a whiff of dis honeycomb
She say
(It takes me on a vacation)
We’ll throw some clothes together
We can go wherever
the hint of me winnin a woman’s attention is what I’ll be inta
Quit the grinnin drop the linen like we go together
(It feels just like mastur-)
Hole up, I get in your mind like a controlla
She’ll be sleepin in my shirt is what I told ya
And she gon’ be
thinkin about me when I’m gone
asking me, what the hell you got on
and I say

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Me (Me?)
Or maybe you (You)
(Damn, you smell good)
She wants to bottle me up (Bottle me up)
The only way that you could smell like me
Is if you could put me on you
Ooooh yeah

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