Brighter Days Lyrics by Sauti Sol ft Soweto Gospel Choir

(Languages: English, Swahili, Zulu)

‘Cause I’m certain brighter days are yet to come
Ain’t no question that tomorrow they’ll good times
Good times, I believe with every bit of my heart

I’m on a one way train
Tenda nenda zangu (I do good and go on my way), Do my best
Saa zingine huwa ni noma (Other times it is difficult) x2
Imani yangu inanichoma (My faith fails me)
But I know that they’ll be a better day

I’m living on the edge
Sijui nitashuki kwa gani stage (I don’t know when it will end)
Life inanisunda kwa corner (Life has cornered me)
(Sunda kwa corner) (Has cornered me)
Emotionally niko kwa (I’m at the) border
I pray, I pray for better days


Siku zikizidi, nazidi makinika zaidi (As days go by, I continue to keep on)
I’m holding on a little bit longer
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
I see, I see a brighter day

Ngiyabona (I see) , vision of Love from up above
The sun is not far away
Nawasha taa, naona far (I will light my lamp, I will see far)
I know I’ll be OK
Reach for the stars, with everything in my heart

I know, I know, I know, I know


There is going to be days like these
We need to be stronger
Misukosuko na mahangaiko (Troubles and anxiety)
Ni hali ya dunia, Mungu yupo (Is the state of the world, God exists)

And in days like these, wee need to rise up
Wakijaribu kutuzika, tutagerminate (When they try to bury us, we shall)
Our lives will never be the same

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Ngiyakhol’, Ngiyakholwa (I believe, I believe)
Ngiyakhol’, Ngiyakholwa (I believe, I believe)
I believe with every bit of my heart
I believe with every bit of my heart