bbno$ – what would baby do Lyrics

what would baby do? By bbno$

[verse 1]
First I’ll sip some henny drown in henny like im mad at you
Pull up on your girl she shew me way she got some attitude
Im might fck around with lentra maybe make a hit or two
Distribution of some wealth my money is like hella skewed
All I ever hear u cant do this s— im sick of you
Everybody ask me questions
Oh like what would baby do?

[bridge 1]
What would baby drive,
What would baby have
What would baby do,
What would baby do
I don’t fmmm with you

[verse 2]
First id take a flight to china course I got a business view
Feel like im average but yall brand me like a mew a tew
Do not freestyle but I rap im sorry im-just as smoothh as you
But baby trash at rapping cause he be rhyming the word you with you
Like who is you?
Im a modest guy, feeling fly catch me dreaming of a bently coup
So like

[bridge 2]
What would baby buy
Howdih he come up with that alibi
He be soothing all ya ladies
Wit his witty lullabies

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[verse 3]
Baby never snoring, always working
That go hand in hand
Fly in from japan im writing hits
Id rather dis then xan
Find me bouncing out the honda
With the bag the keys in hand
Baby on his lawyer jargon
Sussyboi u contraband
Please dont stop me, know my neck is dew
Customs guards be wilding asking me
What would baby do

[bridge 3]
Im sorry
Didn’t mean to influence you
So I will not take the blame for
Some s— that you do

[verse 4]
Trust me sussyboi dont ask me for a feat ill laugh at you
Baby got some money I wont lie – thats completely true
Went for 0 to 100k directly after school
Tryna get this money, get this benlety thats the only mood
Yeah everything you do I do to but with larger magnitude
So I suggest your next move is to ask me what would baby do

[bridge 4]
What would baby think
What would baby say
When will baby ever stop placing all them commas
I never wanna
Thas on my momma!

[I guess this is the hook]

(what would do baby?
Baby baby baby!) x 7

What would baby drive,
What would baby have
What would baby do,
What would baby do
I don’t fmmm with you

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