Blessing Tangban ft. M.I Abaga – Insecure Lyrics

I don’t know why this song just makes me feel like
I’m about to recite some poetry
I went out on a string of dates & it became clear that it wasn’t a game between you & me
But I wait out in the rain, my eyes sweating from pain
If I see you, will I do it again?
Cause I’ve become insecure
You make me insecure
Yeah but I still get compliments like hey girl, you look so good, you smile just right
But I don’t let it get in here
If I was special you’d be here
What is it about the way that
Only your opinion matters?
Drowning myself in self-doubt
Only coz your opinion matters
Ohhhhh you done made me insecure
It’s in the things you say to me
It’s in the things you do to me
It’s I’m the way you make me feel
M.I. (rapping)
I’m such a contradiction
Shy when I’m alone in spite of my position
No one believes me though, I try but they don’t listen
& now the consequence is that I’m missing some of my identity
Relax girl I don’t want your sympathy
I’d like to think that maybe someday you’d be into me
& I be shy but then eventually, I be like hey girl come sit right here on this bench with me
I get shy when you mention me to your friends, it’s tension & somebody grab my ventilator
you make me lose my breath, ready to risk it all hope I don’t loose the bet
Life hope love these things are pure, your heart is fragile, careful, if it hits the floor
It’ll take some time before you get the cure, see baby that’s the reason that I’m insecure
Uh huh, you give me butterflies, you noticed me when naij hadn’t discovered guy
So if you’re down let’s give it a try be insecure together baby you & I, hi.
I don’t wanna be so insecure
I don’t wanna be so insecure
Its in the things that you say to me (insecure)
It’s in the things that you do to me (insecure)
See I fall in love just to compare
Opinions about myself
Ive been kissing frogs for silver lining when all I really want, is for your voice to leave my head, I wanna be free to be myself & not kiss these frogs for silver lining no more….
Instruments till fade….
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