Tech N9ne – Look What I Did Lyrics

Look What I Did By Tech N9ne

Strugglin’ and I didn’t really have nothing
Then I started mad bussin’
Now the money machine got hella cash gushin’

I come from roaches, hardly no chips
Grant me your hocus pocus revelations and giant locusts
Oh s—, we was hopeless, folks just on the broke list
Roach get loaded and served the bogus with the fo’ fifth
My G, I ain’t always been super icy
Stealing food in high V slyly
I see Nike’s, I don’t do the right thing with Spike Lee
But I could not buy when the size be pricy, why me?
Then my earth sounded, first round
I put the work down and many mercs counted
Thirst found and in a cursed town
And with a turf crown, I eat a surf sandwich
Turn the page and I’m rocking shows
‘Round the flock of hoes and my partner rose
Out the top of Hip-Hop with a lot of dough
And I got the soul like I’m Pop of those (lock and load)
Forgot how many time they tell me I’m Forbes
We sell, we encore, and way back in the day
I was like help me, I’m poor (cha)
Millions all around the world, they took what I heared
Inside I put it in music, made it, Ma look what I did

Look what I did yeah
Look what I did, we got money all around us
I’m a legend to these kids now
Look what I done yeah
How far we come
Keep running up the numbers till we get to number one

I look where I’m at now
We ain’t in the background
Running through the crowd
Real proud, got my hat down
Look at where I’m at now
Money come in racks now
Never [?]
Look mama I made it, that’s a fact now

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