Download Audio: Efe Nathan – None Compares mp3

Download Audio: Efe Nathan - None Compares mp3

“None Compares,” is the newest single from prominent Nigerian Worship leader, Efe Nathan, and her world-class crew, The Navigators.

Written by Efe Nathan and Produced by Ayodeji Ojekunle, this fresh anthem of vertical worship “None Compares,” has begun reverberating in many hearts before its official release. The new track declares the Awesomeness of God and what makes Him HOLY, set apart from any other.

Speaking on the song inspiration, Efe Nathan shares

“I received this song in whole, while I was waiting for the wife of one my back up vocalists in the delivery room. Our hopes were high and we were believing God for safe delivery of their first child despite all the complications and the medical reports.

“In the midst of all those fears, while I stood in faith and prayers with the family right there in the hospital, the Holy Spirit put that song in my heart as an assurance that He was in control and all will be well. Shortly after that song came and I sang it, the baby was delivered miraculously” Continues…

“I believe this testimony is the “Firstborn” of many testimonies that will erupt in the lives of everyone who downloads, listens and sings this song. What has been impossible will become possible and things will happen for people that can only be traceable to God until everyone can testify this is the finger of God.” — Efe Nathan.

Download And Enjoy This New Mp3 Song!

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