How to search Music You listened to on radio from Google Bing Yandex

How to search Music You listened to on radio from Google Bing Yandex
Sometimes we search music or lyrics or freebeats on Google
and other search engines and we’re unable to get accurate results we created
this article to guild you.

We sometimes listen and watch some songs on radio and TV but
we don’t know the title or the singer and we wish to have the song on our phone
and computers this article is for you.

Best way to search Music on Google

whenever you wish to search music on google, always add mp3, audio and download in the keywords this would bring out accurate results for you.
for example: if you want to download Oghene Do by frank Edwards, this is how your keywords should look like
– Download Oghene Do by frank Edwards
– Oghene Do by frank Edwards mp3
– Oghene Do by frank Edwards audio
if you really wish to download the song from a particular specific website then your keyword should be Download Oghene Do by frank Edwards 

How to Download Song you Listen to On radio
Sometimes we listen to some interesting songs on radio but we dont have any idea of the singer this is what you should do:

Check:  Terry G Ft Skibii – Adura Lyrics

Download now (quick server)

Get a pen and a biro and jot down some of the wordings (lyrics of the song), after that, search the wordings (lyrics you jot down on google)

which looks like this 
Like a little baby You watch over me o You no dey carry me dey play O Ineme obinasom (You make my heart Joyful)this lyrics will bring out the title and the singer on google

How to search Music You listened to on radio from Google Bing Yandex

after you have gotten the results, note down the singer and the title of the song and input the details on google as keyword make sure you add mp3 download  at the back then search.

keywords: I listened to a song on radio how do i get the title and the name of the singer, I cant find the song I listened to on radio.. I search the song on google no results.

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