El Shaddai (God Almighty) Lyrics by H_art the Band ft. Cedo

(Languages: Swahili, English)

El Shaddai, uko na kile me nadai (God Almighty, You have all that I need)
Ulinipenda hata Kama me sifai (You loved me, even though I was not worthy)
El Shaddai, El Shaddai, El Shaddai (God Almighty, God Almighty, God Almighty)

He is an awesome God
Amenipa (He has given me) such an awesome song
And I’m never lonely
Amenipa (For He has given me) such an awesome Love
He is an awesome God
And I wanna tell it to the world
Ili wajue ni wewe (That they may know that it is through You)
Kama si wewe basi nani? (If not You, then who?)

Nasikia landlordi (I hear the landlord)
Ako kwa njia anataka kodi (On his way wanting his tax)
Ni wewe utaprovide (It is You who will provide)
Na nina ngori moyoni zinanijaza worry (I have trouble in my heart, it is full of worry)
Ila nitakuwa fine (I want to be OK)


Every day Every day Is an awesome day
Na vile unanibariki (And the way You bless me)
Hata mimi sielewi (I cannot understand)
And everyday, everyday
You come through in an awesome way
Kwenye dhiki, nimepata rafiki (In times of trouble, You’ve given me a friend)
Rafiki wa kweli (A true friend)

Na kuna ka-loan mahali (And there is a loan somewhere)
Kalinijaza worry (That has filled me with worry)
Ni wewe utaprovide (It is You who will provide)
Nina mahari natamani kulipia mpenzi (And the dowry I wish to pay for my bride)
Sote tutakuwa fine (We will all be fine)
Na madaktari wanasema hali sio hali (And the doctors saying that I am not well)
Wewe unajua time (It is You who knows the time)
Nahisi nguvu zako kwangu (I feel Your strength in me)
I will call you El Shaddai

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Dear Lord, grant me the serenity
To accept, the things I cannot change
The courage to choose the things I know I can
And the wisdom, to know the difference