Courtney Marie Andrews – If I Told Lyrics

If I Told By Courtney Marie Andrews

It’s a full moon, L.A.
And we’re alone for the first time
on Venice beach, under the palm trees
tell me your dreams and I’ll tell you mine
What would you say, if I told you
Your my last thought at the end of each night?
Would you believe me,
or would you even reply?

Would You?

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I am a loner, I am stubborn
Can you handle this world I live in?
I know I can’t change, but for you I’d compromise
I’d be on your side, if you’d be on mine
Yes, you’re anxious and you’re stubborn too
But I’d learn to love the worst parts of you
Could be the full moon, or this cheap wine
but I’m hoping you’ll reply

Would You?

Is it in the stars? Or some age old truth?
Why did the universe draw me to you?
You’re so magnetic, I am hypnotized
Feels like I’ve known you since before this life
I hope I always see you this way
Here’s to wondering if you feel the same
But I can tell when your eyes meet mine
that the truth is in your reply


You do

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