$uicideBoy$ – What the Fuck Is Happening Lyrics

What the F— Is Happening By $uicideBoy$

Ruby da f—— Cherry, b—-
Yeah, I’m a dime a dozen (Yeah)
All of a sudden me and my cousin
Rich from pressing buttons (Beep)
Lost in the sauce
Yeah, I need a f—–’ compass
Diggin’ out all these industry plants
Their roots were covered in fungus
She asked if she could blow me
I said “B—-, I ain’t no trumpet” (Blah)
She then called me her husband
I said, “No, b—-, we just f—–‘” (Nah, nah, nah, nah)
This ain’t for discussion (Nope)
Mixed the Sprite up with some ‘Tussin (Yeah)
F— it, I bought steel-toed boots
It’s time to kick the bucket (Yeah)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, ooh
Pull up on a f—-boy, I get down
Off my meds right now
Room full of bottles, I might drown
Sedated, I’m going crazy
Devil ridin’ with me, chops out
Lurking from the gutter (Go)
Demons is my brothers (Yeah)
Blue pills up my nose (Nose)
OP’s in some foil (Yeah)
Mouth drippin’ with oil (Yeah)
Watch me fade to black behind the m——– smoke
Separate color clothes but we all cut from the same cloth
Screaming, “Bloody murder”, doing dirt with my kinfolk, ayy

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