Eden – ​calm down Lyrics

calm down By Eden

Of my dash aligning stars over shoulder
Tell me you don’t really mean what you say
That you were in love, love, love
(I don’t want it, baby, I keep falling)
You’re screaming and bursting heads
Breathing corrupted air (Tell me I’m back at it since)
Your cigarettes are going out, dear
(Help me down, I can’t sleep)
Mayfair and lip fillers
Heartbreak and coke dealers
You were in love, love, love (It’s cold feet)
But since you’re on your way out
Living fast, I capsize amazed now
Leave a message when you go
(You leaving, leave me out, me out)
I, I had a dream that you wanted me
I still see you with my eyes closed
I don’t think you understand how brilliant you burned
Does your past feel complete now I’m here?
Versions of another version you’ve seen
When I calm down
I’ll be long gone

Just stop

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