Yung Gravy & bbno$ – Gasoline, Pt. 2 Lyrics

Gasoline, Pt. 2 By Yung Gravy & bbno$

DJ Yung Vamp out in Belgium, fresh a– m———–
We out here on tour, baby (Skrrt)
bbno$ just got back from wiener schnitzel (Wiener schnitzel)
‘Bout to stack this cheddar, ayy

Sippin’ coffee black, no creamer, rather keep the stack
Whippin’ in a flashy purple beamer Baby Gravy back
Drop top gettin’ lucid top she’s quite a dreamer (Yeah)
Cop a Gucci flop with a coupon, no redeemer, ayy
With ya senorita (Bad b—-)
You can see the wrist dance like ballerina
You can see the pimp slap cause anesthesia
Only hit a fuckboy if I really need to (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
Your wifey want my doggy bone so I’ma have to treat her
Yeah, she really ’bout my balls, we playing Quidditch, she the seeker
So I slide to home plate, she call me bbno-Jeter
I did a show for nine K, yeah, I look like Vegeta

Ayy, never knew about Vegeta
I was growin’ up gettin’ v—– (Gettin’ p—-)
Didn’t have TV, no Dragonball Z
Had to spend the day gettin’ coochie (Super Saiyan)
Never ever, would I ever, spend my cheddar
Momma way too easy, she said she really love the pleasure
Cop my self a icy get-up, lay the pressure
New Beretta, Gucci Sweater
Gravy treat her better
Get her wetter then you ever gonna get her
You could never come get her
Really can’t wait till she get my letter (That letter)
Gettin’ to the paper, you a lil’ shredder
Baby gravy really poppin’, f— you think we ever stoppin’
Backstage filled with moms feelin’ like it’s not that common
Markin’ down the moms I’ve taken down (Ayy)
Tour the world bb’s been around
And your mom tryna pound every time we in town
If I come splash, be safe, don’t drown
Bad new b—- real thick like Buddha (Like Buddha)
You a lil’ shrimp, I’m the Big Kahuna (Kahuna)
You mid we are way cooler (Brr)
I gave her ruler, I am her tutor (Tutor)
My favorite restaurant, of course is Hooter’s (Uh)
We actin’ nonchalant with some cougars

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Girl, I’m too high, I’m too fly
All I know is that there’s water on my wrist
And water on my b—-
Girl, I’m too low, f— a show
Let’s get blown and we gonna make it in
We’re gonna win again
Uh, you know
In every man life come a time where
You gotta think about that Big Mac you been ordering on the regular and
Start taking a look at that Quarter Pounder
See this that Quarter Pounder music, uh, yeah

Smoke Spark out how?
Blunts the size of little Bow Wow now (Uh)
Now that’s a Bow Wow challenge
I just want to chow her melons
She just wanna watch some Ellen (Ellen)
Degenerate, I generate a ton of hate
I been a dreamer so I ain’t never one to wake
I grow herb so with shake, I bake a ton of cake, yeah
Eyes like Splinter, wrist like winter, sleep at dinner
Play it like a winner and I’m God with the dope
Robe like a pope, high like a toad
And I’m drunk at my shows
And it shows and they know
Paper Squad on the gas and they glow (Uh)
Paper Squad on the gas and they glow
We gon’ ride ’til the wheels hit the floor