Tom MacDonald & MadChild – D.R.U.G. Lyrics

D.R.U.G. By Tom MacDonald & MadChild

I’m not a asshole, that’s my ego
He knows me and you ain’t equal
Go ahead and call me Dee-bo
I don’t f— with many people
I ain’t playin’ any games, say it to my face
Hate me ’cause the break
Pull up, pull up with that energy I swear you catch a fade
I made like 20K today, don’t give a single f—, okay?
All the money in the world Tom MacDonald never changed
I know what I’m worth, the life I deserve
Is finally manifesting in my worth
My mama told me I’ll be famous
I guess I’ve been bein’ humble because of her
I want revenge, I want respect
I want a billion dollars and a Benz
I want a convoy full of all my enemies
I want all these rappers severed heads
It’s a big, big move, I’m makin’ big, big moves
I got a big, big ego, I got a big d— too
I’m at the top right now, everybody want my style
Stepin’ on a rare spaceship to the clear invasion
Got my hair braided, diamonds in my smile
Like a bare naked millionaire wasted in his parent’s basement
Taming crocodiles I became dangerous from the bank statements
‘Cause my name’s famous, I been goin’ viral
They’re prayin’ I’ll lose it quick
Too bad I’m stupid lit
I got Gucci shoes I bought I never use
Gon’ put the Gucci kicks through your Gucci lips
Put my Gucci feet to your Gucci head
You’ll get Gucci beat ’til your Gucci dead
I will Gucci stomp on my Gucci clothes
‘Til I’m Gucci gone and your Gucci gold
Ooh-ayy whole crew big like Wu-Tang
My neck look like 2 Chainz
Money big like butane
Ooh-ayy, whoa
Tatted my face and my hands and my arms and my legs and my ribs and my back, ha
Thank God I rap, even if I wanted a job I could never go back
Whoa every buck I owe I paid off in full
Life I chose, baby like it knows I’m worth my weight in gold
Only hoes keep enemy’s clothes
They all move at shoes
Got two money trees a hundred feet I carve my name both
Like these froze, these all gold, colgaine quick without the blow
People that you call celebrities are blowin’ up my phone
F— off

Dopest rappers under God (What?)
Dopest rappers under God (What?)
Dopest rappers under God
I swear to God it’s like a drug (Yeah)
Dopest rappers under God (What?)
Dopest rappers under God (What?)
Dopest rappers under God
I swear to God it’s like a drug (Yeah)

Download now (quick server)

I’m on a roll, I’m gettin’ swoll
I gotta go, yeah, yeah
He just a crow, I’m still a pro
I f— his hoe, yeah, yeah
I’m moody don’t f— with me
I don’t need you to accompany me
My noodle is boo-doo, it’s broke and no joke
An my brain’s with them pharmaceutical company
Who gonna come from me, I’ll just stand up I bet you gonna run from me
I got these rappers all grumpy as s—
F— [?], that son of a b—-
Ayy, my ego the size of the sky (Yeah)
Look up and see my face (Wow)
These rappers they wanna be me and their girlfriends they wanna know how the f— I taste
I don’t trust a hoe I just f— a hope
I don’t like a dude I say f— your flow
I do what I want, I get lots of cash
I don’t really care where the f— I go
I gotta finish this deal, I got a weapon concealed
I’m gonna get this three mil
Netflix and chill, anyone get in my way you can get yourself killed
I got the sauce, you got that juice that is Minute Maid
I just come back to intimidate
This game full of p—- but p—- get f— on my d— I just go back to penetrate
Still rep red and white, I don’t call police
MadChild out the gate, someone woke the beast
Also red and white, that’s a make-believe
Double cheese for me, that’s a staple piece
Millions, and millions, and millions of dollars I made
Now I am back and you all are afraid
[?] I show up when I want no one call it late
Man these b—— are spoiled
[?] these b—— ain’t loyal
I’m vicious I’m digging indigenous soil
Then I’m gonna’ piss on this b—- in the soil
Tom just grab your coat, they want that but slow
Mad just have you wolf, not your average G.O.A.T
What an ensemble
Couple of bad f—–’ hombres
Got so much blood on my hands and my money is dirty can handle a laundry
You walk around like a zombie
I’ll take ’em back to you calmly
Did so much drugs in my life
And turn my brain to an omelette
I run it up like a gauntlet
Welcome to my house, it’s haunted
Last year I didn’t feel wanted
Yeah, well f— you b—-

Dopest rappers under God (What?)
Dopest rappers under God (What?)
Dopest rappers under God
I swear to God it’s like a drug (Yeah)
Dopest rappers under God (What?)
Dopest rappers under God (What?)
Dopest rappers under God
I swear to God it’s like a drug (Yeah)

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