Ryan Beatty – Backseat Lyrics

Ryan Beatty – Backseat Lyrics

Sometimes I watch you drive from the backseat and I let you have your way
Switch sides with me, I got you on the way home
And you can play the radio
Reminding me to tell you something
I can’t remember what you said
See you looking out the window
I wonder what you think about

You would comb my hair
Never let me down
Always let the tears run out
I wonder what you’d tell me now
Cause I need a friend who could have my back
When the lightning comes and I catch on fire

Return to where we were on the weekend
And you pull up to my yard
From paper to vaporize, let the smoke out
I can feel it in my heart
Imagine if it wasn’t magic
My back is on the bedroom floor
I like it when I hear you breathing
Reminds me that I’m not alone

All my idols dead, when I have no one
I look to you for advice
What to do with my life
Half of who I am isn’t all my fault
So it feels good knowing that I got somebody

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