Getting caught up in the here and now has a tendency to wear me down
Am I really free if I’m thinking ‘bout
Only temporary things
The world’s screaming so loud when I’m locked to the middle of my doubt
When I’m lost in the rhythm of the crowd
I hear heaven calling me
Don’t want to be another victim
Falling prey to the system
When You’ve called me into the Kingdom

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I know I am a citizen of heaven
My eternity forever is Yours, Yours
I know I am a citizen of heaven
My identity forever is Yours, Yours

I can see You breaking through the clouds
You made this soul to be glory bound
I can hardly keep my feet on the ground
‘Cause I know I will be free
Lord, won’t You open up the gates wide
Gonna step into a new life
No way I’m ever leaving Your side

Oh, glory glory
Oh hallelujah
When I rise, come alive
I’m gon’ fly to You

I know I am a citizen of heaven

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