Twin Peaks – St. Vulgar St. Lyrics

St. Vulgar St. By Twin Peaks

Down in the gutter an orphan boy
Never been given a single joy
Making it breaking in selling the loot
Hate in his eyes, a hole in his boot

And all you wealthy folk
You drink your wine and you tell your jokes
You sermonize and it don’t ring true
There’s the door, away with you

And down in the street there’s an orphan girl
Never been given no love in the world
Making it selling her time in hotels
She’s never been one for the wedding bells

And all you wealthy queens
Servants and your limousines
You talk and you talk as if you knew
There’s the door, away with you
They walked into the room
They talked the terms a while
She pulled it off and heard him say, “good lord, it’s been a while”
She told him not to worry
He told her not to ruse
She told him that it always goes the way it always do
And down on the ‘vue below
The faces look the same
The times is frozen by the night
The streets are wet with rain

And after in the morning light…
He found her arms were growing tired
He made to rise and she said, “no.”
She said, “hold me close before you go”

And all you wealthy folks
You drink your wine and you tell your jokes
You sermonize but you don’t know
What it’s like to live below
And all you orphan boys
And all you orphan girls
They will never lend a thing to you
So take what you can
Take all you can use
Take it all!

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