Lil Dicky – DAVE Lyrics

DAVE By Lil Dicky

Sometimes I feel like people only see me as this larger than life icon but I’m just a normal guy

Hi (Hello), I’m Dave
You might know me as Lil Dicky
But there’s a lot more to me
Don’t you wanna know who I am? (Not Really)
Do you wanna meet the guy behind the guy?
Do you wanna know what the industry’s like?
What a strange life I have
Got me tripping like woah woah
“Dave ,you’re a rapper?” Oh no
Bowel movements looking like Dippin’ Dots
Probably ’cause I don’t eat fruits and vegetables
Approached by aggressive white men on the regular
I gotta record with a neck pillow on my neck ’cause the organomics of my desk ain’t right
My nose gets stuffed every night
I’m figgity, I’m figgity I twitch
I’m figgity, I’m v neurotic
Yes I know that I’m a rapper at the end of the day
But I think it’s time you knew me by my government name

Hi, I’m Dave (I’m Lil Dicky)
Hi, I’m Dave (Who’s Dave?)
Hi, I’m Dave (Please watch, please)
I’m Lil Dicky, no shut up, I am Dave
(Please watch)

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