Download LEGO Batman: The Mobile Game 2011 Android apk


Description: You are waiting for the futuristic adventures of Batman, where he will face a variety of classic villains in the world of LEGO. For the first time, Lego Batman game for mobile phone, came back in 2007. In general, the game was not bad, but it was too far from the ideal. Now Lego Batman game produce joint partners LEGO and Gameloft. Manufacturers say to us that an emphasis on stunning graphics and fun gameplay. Batman will use his powerful punches, he can grab and throw enemies, and even be able to get him in his Batmobile. So, get ready to rescue all the hostages from the city Gotham City!

supplied by Harsha (Android version)

Cheat: Press during the game #1379# – pass through walls!
LEGO Batman: The Mobile Game 320×480 Xperia X8 (320×480)
download 2.1MB
Android 1.5 / v1.2.7 (480×800)
download 2.2MB

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