20 I miss You Text messages that can make Your pertner fall in love so deeply

Honey, I’ve already started talking to the chair and having Breakfast with the kettle. If you don’t call me, I’ll get into a serious relationship with the vacuum cleaner.

I would love to see you on the pillow next to me and give you a big, big kiss! 

Miss you! I think about anything. For example, about you. Or about you. Or even about you.
Come to me, my love,
It will be a unique sex.
Love you, my cat,
I kiss your tummy when I see you…
I’ll kiss you even lower,
I miss you very, very much!!!

I miss your hands that caress me.
I miss your eyes, which look at me with tenderness and care.
I miss your body, I miss your heart that loves me.
I miss you! I miss you!

You are the one I suffer for,
You’re the one I’m sad about,
You are the one I dream of,
You are the one I want to see  — SMS to your favorite guy

You are caring and gentle,
Kind and attentive,
My Bunny you are the best!
the most wonderful! Thirty eight 

How I want to hug you, hold you closer to my chest, kiss you softly, and never let you go anywhere else… Thirty eight

Audio message to the guy –
Love and miss you!
I would make three wishes for a fish: to be with you, to be with you now, to be always with you. Nine 

I want you to be all right-but I want you to see me again as soon as possible! Thirty seven

How hard it is when you are not around, how your warmth is not enough. All the days of separation turned out to be hell, but know that I will still wait for you. Nineteen 

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I’m lying in bed and I miss you, I want you so much, I want to hug you, kiss you, hold you to me. In your arms to dissolve and stay there all day and fall in them always! Fifty three

You are not here, and I am sorry, my heart is bored and melancholy. I don’t know if you miss me as much as I miss you… Twenty six 

I need to tell you something, I can’t hide it from you anymore, I don’t want to hurt you, but you need to know that I missed you!

I miss you and almost cry. You sent me a text message and yourself into the bargain! Twenty 

My naughty tongue wants to play with you, wants to go into your mouth and start a little! Twenty one

My sun, I miss you so much that my heart is breaking with pain, I want you so much, but we are separated by kilometers… Forty six 

I’m waiting for your touch, I’m waiting for your warmth from your hands, I’m always waiting for you my dear, even though you are far from me! Thirty one

I miss
I miss you so much tonight, you’re not with me, unfortunately. And only one thought comes to mind-I would rather meet you! 
Strange things happen in my head — I think about you all the time… Fifty one 

I can’t live without you, I don’t want it without you it’s impossible for me, impossible to be without you because I miss you so much! Twenty nine

“I miss you.” It’s a banal phrase, a simple fact, but I really miss it… Very. Twenty eight 

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Even my phone misses your call!