Me and That Man – Surrender lyrics

Surrender By Me and That Man

I surrender to you

I got nothing to say, no I ain’t got that right
I live in the darkness, even that is too bright
They say love is a burden, that love brings you pain
I say love is the devil, it will drive you insane

I surrender to you

I’m begging you death, I’m ready at last
I can’t face the future I can’t shake my past
I’m feeding the lion with my own soul
I disintegrate, I’m losing control
You offered me heaven but gave me hell
I’m just your puppet, I’m under your spell
I long for the silence, I long to my grave
I long for a time when I’m not your slave
I surrender to you

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Got nothing to lose in a world gone astray
I walk in the shadows I can’t find my way
I know I ain’t nothing, I might as well die
No use to continue living a lie
I know who I am and what I can’t be
I know we’re all lost and never be free
I give up, I give in, surrender to you
I give you my soul, you know what to do

Surrender to you

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