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250 miles from Houston, with my tour almost done now
A couple shows so-so, a couple shows sold out
But I could never give up on this path and take the whole route
The reason why before I took my deal, had to hold out
Creative control
(Damn Peggy, what?)
Look at my paperwork and you would probably say it was goals
Could never walk inside your shoes because you traded your soul, oh ho
You n—– switched sides like you traded your goals
You n—– half time all the time, my hunnids is gold
This s— isn’t old, my s— is Italia Vogue
Or Vogue Italia, however pronouncin’ it goes
But either way I’ma prophet with clothes
Because my merch sell like Android
I use iMessage, but when I send it I see green like Piccolo, that’s a fact boy
Don’t get smacked boy
I’m from a country where countin’ your dough could have you countin’ sheep permanently like they infinity
So please don’t act boy, I know n—– that be like
“Let me hold that, let me hold that, let me get that”
And make that s— look like a hunnid racks boy
Or for they Instagram, that’s how they get their Instafam
That means they fans until the instant we see their career go down
Brrr, what happened to that boy
Brrr, I could get cold and be still that boy
Like a baby gettin’ abducted, I might steal that boy
F— it, n—– touchin’ my money, I might kill that boy
I made a mil’ myself, and I’m still myself
I made another mil’ and I’m still myself
And this for all the n—– tryna steal my wealth
We went to the label, then I got the deal myself
N—– was managin’ but gettin’ money for nothin’
N—– livin’ up on the ‘Gram with no money but bluffin’
Meanwhile I got my money, but fightin’ temptation like Ruffin
Watchin’ my chicken start to thicken like I filled it with stuffing, for real, huh
My new target is a woman’s mind
And think what she be thinkin’ instead of that behind
You can learn a lot about the world through a woman
But we too busy tryna promise the world to our women
When all we got is our bedrooms
I hope this gives your mind a little headroom to figure it out
I hope you dodge the ones that’s asking what the figures about
And dodge the thirsty ones that dip soon as they feelin’ the drought
But, I’m a man, so my thoughts are teeter-tottering with T is t——
Meanwhile she just walk around showin’ ’em tryna prove a point
Like b—- who are you kidding?
You think it’s gonna change reality, but is it really?
Now that for that to happen, the pornstars gonna have to stop the actin’
And use the t—— to make these n—– cop the napkins
But that’s like sayin’ I gotta stop the rappin’
‘Cause from rappin’ I made a mil’ myself, and I’m still myself
Made another mil’ and I’m still myself
I got the dough to cop a Richard Mil myself
But I’d rather cop me a house to go and build myself
Then build myself, ’cause I want my own s—
My family be askin’ for bread but I never loan s—
I have no opponents, I’m havin’ a moment
The reason why I’m always up at 6 in the mornin’
‘Cause I can never sleep, like give me another beat
I’m just a P.G. n—-, that f— around with D.C. n—–

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There’s no more beat?

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