Flawless Real Talk – It’s Real Lyrics

It’s Real By Flawless Real Talk

I remember eating silver lake pizza for dinner, all winter
Didn’t have it all in my eyes I was a winner
Emotions pouring outta my mind made me a spitter
I didn’t know what I would be just knew it wasn’t a quitter
Never thought the journey would be this long
You don’t know till you don’t really have a choice to be strong
I didn’t have a plan I just knew I wanted fans in the stands
Singing every single word of my songs
I’m getting close
Here’s a toast for all the pain and the tears over the years
The fact I’m tryna get to the top taking the stairs
The fact I worked as hard as I did when nobody cared
Now they gotta speak the best if they ever try to compare
Oh it’s time now
I’m bout to wild out
Oh you the 1?
I Don’t know we bout to find out
They just wanna take me and start squeezing every dime out
That’s why I I keep the fruits of my labor over at my house
Don’t let em fix they mouth to try to tell you that your worthless
Mistakes are only made when you’re attempting to be perfect
And when something doesn’t work it ain’t aligning with your purpose
If pressure makes a diamond
I can make a jeweler nervous
SeeI overcameall of the odds
Think it’s time to get even
I really made this my job
This how my family is eating
I give the credit to godhe help me battle my demons
On every single weekday
I had the strength to defeat em
It’s real
And I pray that you protect your dreams
When you visit them at night you have the best front seat
Just a matter of time till you live it
Close your eyes it’s helping to remind you why you living
Gotta make the best of the life and mind that were given
Yea right who am I kidding
The world will take a sit in if I ain’t one of the greats
And Between that and death I don’t know who’s winning the race
It’s real

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