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Around the throne of God in heaven-531
They have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the lamb
Rev 7:14
Around the throne of God in heaven
Thousands of children stand,
Children whose sins are all forgiven,
A holy, happy band:
Singing glory, glory, glory!
Singing glory, glory, glory!

In flowing robes of spotless white,
See everyone arrayed:
Dwelling in everlasting light,
And joys that never fade.
What brought them to that world above?
That heaven so bright and fair?
Where all is peace and joy and love?
How came those children there?
Because the Saviour shed His blood
To wash away their sin;
Bathed in that pure and precious flood,
Behold them white and clean,
On earth they sought the Saviour’s grace,
On earth they loved His Name;
So now they see His blessed face,
And stand before the Lamb
And is that fountain flowing yet
Blessed saviour lead us there
That we those happy ones may meet
And in their praises share

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