Lesotho National Anthem English Translation


Original Lesotho Words

Lesotho fatse la bontat’a rona,

Har’a mafatse le letle ke lona.

Ke moo re hlahileng,

Ke moo re holileng,

Rea la rata.

Molimo ak’u boloke Lesotho,

U felise lintoa le matsoenyeho.

Oho fatse lena,

La bontat’a rona,

Le be le khotso.

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Lesotho, land of our Fathers,

You are the most beautiful country of all.

You give us birth,

In you we are reared

And you are dear to us.

Lord, we ask You to protect Lesotho.

Keep us free from conflict and tribulation

Oh, land of mine,

Land of our Fathers,

May you have peace.

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