Hymn 825:
Christ our mighty captain, leads against the foe,
We will never falter, when he bids us go;
Tho’ his righteous purpose we may never know,
Yet we’ll follow all the way.

Forward forward tis the Lord’s command,
Forward forward to the promise land;
Forward forward let the chorus ring
We are sure to win with Christ our king.

Satan’s fearful onslaughts cannot make us yield
While we trust in Christ, our buckler and our shield
Pressing ever on the spirits sword we wield,
And we follow all the way.

Let our glorious banner ever be unflured
From its mighty stronghold evil shall be hurled;
Christ, our mighty captain,
Overcomes the world,
And we follow all the way.

Fierce the battle rages, but ‘twill not be long,
Then triumphant shall we join the blessed throng,
Joyfully uniting in the victor’s song if we follow all the way.

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